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The Internet is like a magical world… A fairground with doors open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no limits!
The pulse of news publishing beats strongly in this digital fairground. Every day, millions of people access news on different digital platforms and swim in the sea of information.
In this period when competition in the industry is at its peak, we offer you special and perfect services to take your brand to the top. Turkey’s pioneer in the maritime industry, e-commerce platform Motoryat.com, is here for you! We play an active role in a total of 50 different maritime news platforms in all corners of the world, from America to Asia, from Europe to the Middle East. We reach large audiences with our 16 Turkish and 34 English publications. We are also expanding our communication network with more than 40 international brands and more than 50 news platforms.
Corporate Contact Information:
WhatsApp: 0537 432 71 17
With this opportunity, you can promote your brand in the digital world in a magnificent way and go on a fascinating journey. Come on, take your place in this unique adventure!